Spectra-Physics MinuteMarker 1462 Interior Laser

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Condition:  Good

Serial:  1358R

Warranty:  14 days to return for refund.  Buyer pays return shipping.

Components Included:  MinuteMarker Laser.  Case.  Power Cable.  Wall Mount Bracket.  Manuals.  (No Rceiver Included.)

Our Original Retail Price:  $2,195.


Spectra-Physics MinuteMarker 1462 Interior Laser

Spectra Physics 1462 rotating laser level is the perfect choice for your grade checking, concrete forming, machine control needs, and interior projects. 1462 is a one-person leveling system designed for the most rugged environments. Accurate, stable and reliable, the 1462 is ideal for longer range measurements across your entire site. Spectra Physics 1462 transmitter sends a continuous self-leveled 360-degree laser reference over your entire work area, allowing you to work longer from each setup with greater accuracy. To use, place on a tripod and set it approximately level using the electronic leveling vial. The built-in compensator automatically sets the horizontal plane and the laser rotor starts revolving immediately. If tilted or jarred beyond its self-leveling range, the rotation and laser beam stop automatically and a warning light flashes. Spectra’s scanning technology lets you place a concentrated line of laser light anywhere you need it. By locking the beam onto the floor or a wall, scanning keeps the beam bright providing easy alignment for ceilings, floors, and cabinet installations. Plus, use the 90° split beam to ensure precise placement of corners and tees. Spectra’s waterproof housing ensures maximum productivity anytime, anywhere. Spectra Physics 1462 has a WORKING RANGE of 2000 FEET and ACCURACY of 1/16″ @ 100 FEET.