Futtura PL-100 Pipe Laser

$4,495.00 $4,095.00

Condition:  New
Warranty:  1-yr manufacturer warranty
Components Included:  Remote.  Adjustable Legs.  Pipe Target.  NiCad batteries.  Alkaline Battery Pack.  Charger.  Carrying Case.


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Futtura PL-100 Pipe Laser

Futtura’s PL-100 Pipe Laser is the perfect laser for all your underground applications. Its compact size makes the PL-100 easy to handle and set up whether you work “over the top” or “through the pipe.” The +40% to -10% grade range make it a very versatile pipe laser.

  • Large Easy to read display
  • Grade reference points on both sides for easy elevation setup
  • High visibility LED line pivot point
  • Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack
  • Alkaline battery compartment
  • Broad range of set-up accessories, include trivet, special transit, and rod and cross brace
  • One set of slide legs that covers multiple pipe sizes and an unique target design
  • High quality materials ensure reliability, precision, and durability
  • Manufactured in the US